Steven Taetz recently completed a cross-Canadian songwriting project with Juno Award-winning artists from each province, which formed the basis for his first solo album. This album, in turn, has received six government awards, and Steven’s material has charted for radio play and record sales.  He has performed in Carnegie Hall(NYC), The Bitter End (NYC), Rockwood Music Hall (NYC), Hotel Cafe (LA), Blue Room (Korea), Capital Pride (Wash DC), Ironwood (Calgary), and in Toronto: Rogers Stadium, The Jazz Bistro, Hugh’s Room, Cameron House, Lula Lounge, Danforth Festival, Distillery Festival, and many more. He is developing his second album for release in 2016 with noted Juno-winning collaborators and North American


dates to be announced. His work has received rave reviews from industry taste-makers, noted below.


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” You have a winner in both your musical writing and performance. Having listened to the album twice, it is quite impressive. The musical arrangements for each song are unique and distinct from one another. You have a wonderful lyrical quality to your voice. It is indeed a great pleasure to meet the musical artist.”
Joe Melillo, BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music)

“The beautiful songwriting and vocal gifts of Steven Taetz are represented in a debut album that makes us laugh, cry, ponder and connect with our humanity. The unique Canadian perspective is simply a bonus; this is a collection that has universal appeal.  He has a unique gift for telling a story in song that manages to connect personally with his audience, so that the songs feel that they were written for each individual listener. From the first hearing of him perform “True North,” it brought tears to my eyes, and I thought it could easily become a new anthem for Canadians both at home and abroad.  As we approach the 150th birthday of Canada, I can’t imagine a better musical depiction of the distinctive identity and appeal of our nation.”
Janice Price, CEO – The Banff Centre

“Steven Taetz is a very compelling live performer who, seemingly effortlessly, creates an intimate space with his audience. His honest and pure vocals partnered with sensitive original phrasing put him in the league of great jazz vocalists.”
Tracy Jenkins, Artistic Director – Lula Music & Arts Centre

“The CD is truly wonderful.”

Mervon Mehta, Royal Conservatory of Music, Executive Director, Performing Arts

“Steven Taetz puts the “songwriter” in “singer/songwriter”. After writing pop hits for other artists, he has teamed up with other songwriters from across Canada for the northern song cycle that makes up his first solo album. What great songs! What a great debut!”
Marc Rheaume, Head of CBC Radio’s Music Resources department

“Impressive album!  Lotta vocal range there! “Drive” will be featured on our next show… Talk about a story through [songs].”
Sandy Mowat, Producer – Fresh Air CBC

“Thank you for the great album you sent me. It goes to show there is a lot of artistic talent in this country […] Canada is a great nation not in spite of its diversity, but because of it and this album you recorded with fellow artists from each province reflects this brilliantly. I wish you all the best with your album and your tour.”
Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

“Thanks for sharing your songs with us last night, Steven. They, like you, are a thing of beauty.”
Holmes Hooke, Booking – Hugh’s Room (Toronto)

“Young singer/songwriter Steven Taetz executes an ambitious concept with compelling skill on this self-titled debut album. The stylistically versatile artist has had an international impact with dance-based tracks, but he explores folk and adult contemporary terrain here. His concept, he explains, was “to write my way across Canada” by collaborating with top songwriters in each province. […] “The Miner’s Hymn”, is a powerful and haunting highlight. […]Taetz has a warmly melodic voice, and producer Rob Szabo and a cast of local players contribute effectively. [An] emerging strong talent.”
– Kerry Doole,  freelance journalist – feature from New Canadian Music blog (The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star)

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“The album is lovely.”
Derek Andrews, Music Programmer – Luminato Festival

“Steven is a gifted songwriter with a unique voice that’s hard to describe.  It has a lightness to it but retains the ability to express complex emotion and nuance.  I had a great time working with Steven.  He has a very clear artistic vision but remains open to new ideas and approaches …  a very delicate balance to achieve!”
Rob Szabo, Producer and artist – Juno-winning production on Steve Strongman’s 2013 Blues Album of the Year

“The cd is keeper — really enjoyed it… ”
Jim Marino, Host – Freewheeling Show,  93.3 CFMU radio

“[Taetz] is making his mark on the music scene, one track at a time […], quickly gaining notoriety. Taetz’s crystal-clear vocals and driving melodies, which he writes himself, have led to collaborations with some of the finest in the music business.”
Derek Dotto, cover and feature article, Outlooks national magazine – Link to cover & feature